St. Louis wakes up to snow

February 7, 2013 by  

St. Louis, Missouri residents got a surprise last Sunday, February 3, when they woke up to find several inches of snow on the ground.

A storm blasted through the city late Saturday night and into early Sunday morning, dumping up to four inches of the white stuff on the metropolitan area. Although snow had been forecast, the amount that actually fell was almost four times greater than predicted.

The forecast was for 1 inch of snow at the most, but 2-4 inches fell in St. Louis and surrounding areas. The heaviest fall was reported in Dardenne Prairie, which got almost 4.5 inches. St. Louis itself received nearly 4 inches, which made the roads treacherous and snarled traffic. Neither the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) nor the Illinois Department of Transportation had pre-treated roads in advance of the storm, but managed to clear the roads before Sunday’s travelers took to the streets.

St. Louis had a battle with the storm, since the snow would melt and then refreeze, creating an icy layer beneath the snow. Employees of the St. Louis City Street Department worked all night to keep up with the snowfall, in some cases coming to work in the middle of the night. Their efforts paid off, though, as drivers were able to travel easily Sunday morning.

City official could create a mailer with the help of flyer printing experts, in order to give residents safety tips for driving in these conditions. It could also inform them of where to park after heavy snow to help MODOT’s snow removal efforts.