St. Louis theater-goers have a ‘Millerfest’ to enjoy

January 25, 2014 by  

St. Louis residents who enjoy the work of American playwright Arthur Miller have a wide choice of plays to see this winter.

Three of Miller’s plays are running at various venues in the city, with a fourth, ‘Death of a Salesman’, set for a September run. ‘The Ride Down Mount Morgan’ is now being performed by the ‘St. Louis Actors’ Studio; ‘All My Sons’ is on at the Robert G. Reim Theatre; and the Wool Studio Theatre will stage ‘The Price’ beginning in March.

Miller is celebrated for the subtle nuances in his plays, as well as his examination of such themes as personal responsibility and societal justice. His characters are often deeply troubled, and sometimes defeated. For example, Willy Loman, the title character of Death of a Salesman, has worked hard all his life, only to find that his loyalty and dedication are less important to his company than his declining sales figures.

The plays promise to be very rewarding for those who appreciate Miller’s close examination of human motivation. The Ride Down Mount Morgan runs through February 2 at the Gaslight Theatre, with performances at 8:00 pm from Thursday through Saturday, and a 3 pm Sunday matinee. All My Sons closes tomorrow with a 2:00 pm matinee. Finally, The Price will run March 20 through April 6, and further details are on the theater’s website.

The theaters involved could work with brochure printers to create handouts that describe the play, particularly when it is not as well-known as Miller’s most famous works.