St Louis Senior Olympics to be held on Memorial Day weekend

May 20, 2013 by  

This year will celebrate the St Louis Senior Olympics for the 34th year, sponsored by Missouri’s Spectrum Retirement.

On Memorial Day weekend, over 1,100 athletes aged 50 or over will compete in more than 90 social events and sports. Over 200 people will help to organize the event, possibly using local brochure printers to promote the event and call for volunteers.

One person who will be competing at the St Louis Senior Olympics is Ed Heigl who is the area director of operations at Spectrum Retirement. Despite receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 liver and rectal cancer in April 2012, Heigl is determined to compete this year. He was a world-class athlete while at college and continues to be active today, taking part in events throughout his life.

Since being diagnosed, Heigl has gone through 19 bouts of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and six surgical procedures, but he will still compete in the St Louis Senior Olympics. Heigl has organized his own training schedule, while getting together almost 50 athletes and volunteers from Spectrum Retirement to take part in the event. The chemotherapy treatments sometimes cause numbness in his fingers, feet, and toes, but it will not stop him taking part.

As Heigl gained experience in sprinting and distance events while at Ritenour High School and St Louis University, he is taking part in the 50, 100, 200, and 400 meter events. He also added that those events would give him the best chance of winning.