St. Louis residents have a new dining concept to try

August 10, 2013 by  

A new dining concept is taking root across the country and has arrived in St. Louis, Missouri: the ‘food hall’. The idea is to offer a number of different cuisines in the same location, so that patrons can try a variety of dishes.

The Central Table Food Hall opened last month, and is not a cafeteria but a series of buffet stations, similar to those found at a wedding reception. Guests can select a dish and eat in that area, or go to a number of stations, buy various foods, and take them all to a table.

The Central Table Food Hall comprises 10,000 square feet featuring five different stations, each offering several types of goodies. There is a station offering coffee and chocolate; a deli that provides the usual fare plus salads; another station that has a raw bar, sushi, and wine available; a wood-fired hearth and a grill. Each station offers many items.

At lunchtime, as well as breakfast, diners pick up their own food, and eat at counters, tables, booths, or at communal tables. However, at dinner, the hall transforms into a sit-down restaurant with full service available and reservations required. The food served at night is sophisticated, featuring such dishes as Missouri trout, a “Papasan” roll from the sushi bar, and octopus.

Central Table is also following another trend – it tries to use as many local products as it can, bringing things from the farm directly to the table.

The new eatery could work with brochure printers to create a mailer to local residents explaining the concept, the fresh ingredients, and offering a ‘welcome’ special.