St. Louis opens newly renovated art museum

July 10, 2013 by  

St. Louis, Missouri, art lovers have reason to celebrate, as the St. Louis Art Museum opened its new addition June 29 and 30, 2013. The additional space cost $130 million and was designed by Sir David Chipperfield, who was on hand for the celebrations. In order for workers to put final touches on the Chipperfield space, known as the East Building, it was necessary to close the entire museum for 13 days, the first time the institution has been closed in its history.

The reactions to the new addition have been enthusiastic. Julie Bauer, a German architect who worked with Chipperfield on the design, felt the new addition has the potential to make St. Louis a major influence in the world of art.

Freida Wheaton, who is the Art Museum Commissioner, felt the addition was wonderful for the city, the arts community throughout the state of Missouri, and the entire world.

Francis Slay, the mayor of St. Louis, agreed with Wheaton, noting that the design of the building was drawing national and international attention, which will draw attention to the city as well as the museum.

Perhaps the ultimate compliment came from Tarik Lahrach, who was visiting from Paris, and compared the museum favorably to the institution that is the gold standard for such spaces, the Louvre.

The museum wants to draw visitors, and so could work with a poster printing expert to create a special poster to celebrate the opening. It could sell the posters in the gift shop as well as placing them around the city.