St. Louis demolishes two overpasses

February 28, 2013 by  

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) closed part of Interstate 64/Highway 40 earlier this month in order to demolish two overpasses.

The closed section lay between Forest Park Parkway and Hampton Avenue. MODOT said the highways would remain closed for a few days to allow crews time to clean up the debris created when they tore down the Newstead Avenue and Taylor Avenue bridges.

Some St. Louis residents have been enjoying the work—probably more than the crews who were doing it—and have been venturing outside to observe the activity. Harold Hutson, one such “sidewalk superintendent”, said he planned to watch the MODOT crews, adding that doing so made him feel like a boy again.

Razing the bridges is just part of an ongoing highway improvement project, which MODOT is undertaking in conjunction with Washington University and B.J.C., a hospital group. When complete, the project will comprise four new overpasses across Interstate 64, and an interchange between Boyle Avenue and Tower Grove Avenue.

Residents are enthusiastic about the improvements, even if the construction temporarily inconvenienced their travel. Rand Sommer noted that there were potholes in the bridges that made riding a bike on them difficult, while another resident said he felt the construction was good for St. Louis, even though his drive to work was interrupted. Crews are now working in 12-hour shifts to get the project finished.

St. Louis and MODOT could work with brochure printers to create a mailer for the city’s residents, explaining the project, the projected delays, and the new construction.