Recycling company brings jobs to St. Louis area

February 26, 2014 by  

A Massachusetts company is opening a facility in Bridgeton, a community in north St. Louis county about 20 miles from the city proper.

The organization, Materials Lifecycle Management Company (MLMC), will be hiring as many as 50 employees for its new operation. The company plans to make fuel cubes from packaging and paper that is usually not able to be recycled. It plans to sell the cubes to companies currently using coal to power their facilities.

Jim Ladue, who is with MLMC, noted that this fuel is dry, clean and odorless, since it is made from polymers and clean paper.

MLMC is not building a new facility, but is renovating a Bridgeton plant. It plans to start operations by the spring and will hire 25 people at that time. It will add an additional 25 positions at a later date.

The company believes businesses should not throw out unwanted materials as trash, but manage them as a commodity. MLMC will buy the materials and marked them in accordance with the EPA’s regulations.

MLMC officials could work with brochure printers to create a mailer to area residents describing the company and its mission, and the positions that it will be offering. This will allow potential job-seekers to learn about the company and prepare applications. Of course, in keeping with the green ethos, they will no doubt ensure that any brochures are recycled.