Paul McCartney wings his way to St. Louis

September 10, 2012 by  

After more than a decade, Sir Paul McCartney is returning to St. Louis for a concert that is only the second U.S. date announce so far for the fall of 2012.

McCartney is currently on his ‘On the Run’ tour, which began in July 2011 at Yankee Stadium. After playing in just four U.S. locations in 2011, McCartney then went to Europe via a sold-out show in Abu Dhabi. His band played in 14 cities over a period of five months. In April 2012, McCartney went to South America, where he played for sold-out shows in Uruguay, Paraguay, Columbia, and Brazil.

Such an iconic figure as McCartney, who has entertained millions over five decades with both his solo work and as part of The Beatles, does not need advertising to sell out a show. Fans will flock to his concerts no matter where he plays. Before and after a concert, many nostalgic items such as T-shirts and poster printing will be available for sale and are very popular with fans. Many posters have truly imaginative artwork illustrating several different facets of McCartney’s long career.

Tickets will go on sale at Ticketmaster this Friday, September 14, at 10:00 am and can be purchased online, by telephone, and at the box office. Prices for tickets will range from $25 to $275.

The St. Louis concert is scheduled for November 11 and a mix of songs that McCartney wrote with The Beatles, such as Hey Jude, Something, and Yellow Submarine, will probably be featured, as well as later numbers like Band on the Run and Maybe I’m Amazed.