Pardon me, pay parking ticket in St. Louis penalty free

May 10, 2012 by  

Nothing like this has happened in over a decade: this Friday and Saturday, drivers with overdue parking tickets will have the opportunity to clear their consciences and save money too.

St. Louis is allowing motorists with unpaid parking tickets to settle their fines without paying the penalty fees associated with belated payments. These can be exorbitantly high, so this offer is likely to be of great interest to some of the city’s more forgetful parking violators.

Vouchers are being generated by on-site printing services and will be given to motorists on May 11th – 12th at the Community Needs Expo at America’s Center, located downtown at convention hall, 701 Convention Plaza. Opening times are 9am to 5pm on Friday and 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday. Vouchers are to be paid online or personally at the downtown Traffic Violations Bureau, 229 N. 7th Street, and must be settled by Sunday, May 13th.

Andres Broussard, of the City Treasurer’s Office, has said he foresees 4,000 people showing up to cash in on the amnesty program. He has therefore recommended that drivers should come early and expect to wait to be seen.

According to the City of St. Louis official website, motorists are fined 100 percent of the initial parking violation fine if payment is not completed within 15 days of being administered and 300 percent of the original fine if payment is not settled within 45 days of issuance. This means a $10 parking ticket could end up costing $40 if the payment is over 45 days late.