No More Trash!

April 24, 2012 by  

Officials are cracking down on litterbugs in St. Louis, Missouri to save the city, county and ultimately the state thousands of dollars. The estimated cost for cleaning up illegally dumped trash is roughly $5 million along the highways and another $1 million in forests and parks.

Officials have launched the “No More Trash!” in an effort to get awareness of the problem and to recruit volunteers. The officials’ aim is to request that St. Louis residents stop littering and also to request that volunteers step forward to help pick up what trash is currently present. Several cities have taken to utilizing a poster printing to spread the word on cleaning up Missouri.

This has been an on-going problem. As of 2008, Vigilantes formed in search of litterbugs to catch them in the act. The vigilantes in the past referred to looking through illegally dumped trash in order to determine whose it was. In the past, the city encouraged residents to turn in known violators for $100 per offense. Today, officials are pleading with residents to take care of their city.

The only problem with turning someone in is that it may not have been them that dumped it. A small business opened up years back to pick up people’s trash, but they did not dump it legally and left trash all over the city. The city has been able to allow rewards because the money essentially comes from violators that are fined. Hopefully, this change will make an impact on this generation and more to come.