New Kodak paper rating system

March 14, 2012 by  

Among the new announcements at Drupa is a paper rating system for Kodak Prospect presses. Brochure printers, stationery printers and other suppliers of printing services in St. Louis and elsewhere will appreciate the chance to benefit from the data on paper collected by Kodak over a ten year period. It will help printers involved in commercial printing, direct mail printing and book publishing to compare grades of paper for their projects and identify paper of a suitable price and quality for the different printing jobs they handle.

Kodak’s system currently includes ratings for some 220 papers, graded on a scale from one to five diamonds and based on 3,500 tests. The system uses six metrics to identify the image quality expected for each type of paper. Prior to this, there have been few widely accepted systems for evaluating the suitability and performance of paper when using inkjet printing processes. This system avoids the trial and error that has until now characterized this aspect to the print cycle.

Kodak’s Don Burns commented:

“For production inkjet printing, choosing the right paper remains one of the largest variables in delivering quality, value and customer satisfaction. Customers can now compare papers of similar grades and determine best fit for their applications.”

Kodak intends to roll out this program around the world during 2012. The paper rating system will also be ISO certified. A number of paper mills have already used the data from this system to improve the surface quality of their paper stock.