Leadership-oriented educational opportunities in Saint Louis

July 25, 2012 by  

Between the Neighborhood Leadership Academy and the Business Education Series Seminar coming up, St. Louis residents will obviously have a couple of unique opportunities to pick up and apply their professional skills through projects and presentations.

The first resource for members of the community to consider tapping into is the Neighborhood Leadership Academy. Geared primarily towards those who are or will be in positions of leadership, these sessions take place twice a week on Tuesdays as well as Saturdays. Although there does not appear to be any hard and fast curriculum being followed, how these meet-ups work is by giving community, non-profit, and government organizations a chance to “flex their muscles” by allowing them to put together various projects with qualified University of Missouri teachers supervising.

Whether sorting out the logistics of a poster printing campaign for the first time or angling to see what kind of potential a new recruit has, the Leadership Academy is a safe environment for trying out new ideas. Due to its more open-ended structure, these sessions are also ideal for both veteran managers and those who are just starting out.

On August 15, St. Louis professionals have another event to consider in the next segment of the Great Game of Business’ Business Education Series. Dovetailing quite nicely with the Leadership Academy, this upcoming presentation has been entitled ‘West Point’s 11 Leadership Principles in Practice and Leadership Stories from a West Pointer’. Priced at just $25 for lunch, this is one to write down in the diary as well.