Going green in St. Louis

October 23, 2012 by  

Green space is precious anywhere but is particularly cherished in urban areas. St. Louis, Missouri, is aware that people need to be able to get away from concrete and steel once in a while, and has established the St. Vincent Greenway to prove it. On Saturday, October 20, the city opened the newest section of the Greenway to the public.

Opening celebrations included a groundbreaking ceremony and a full day of events sponsored by, and participated in, by groups involved with the greenway. A neighborhood yard sale, a farmers’ market and a jazz festival all marked the opening, and were designed to bring newcomers to the greenway so they could see the trails and green space.

The portion of the Greenway that opened on the 20th is an asphalt trail, 1.3 miles in length, that runs from the intersection of DeBaliviere and Delmar north through Ruth Porter Park, and then turns west to the intersection of Etzel and Skinker. Eventually, the Greenway will total seven miles in length, and join neighborhoods that were previously divided by geography, class, and race.

The trails and green spaces have created an area for people can enjoy by foot or bicycle, but they have also helped build stronger relationships between the neighborhoods and communities that border the park, making this part of the city a more pleasant place to live.

The St. Vincent Greenway is being developed under the auspices of the Great Rivers Greenway, which has already broken ground on additional phases of the project. Using flyer printing could be one way to promote the work it is undertaking.