Da Vinci Exhibition offers opportunity for St. Louis print companies

November 15, 2011 by  

The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition, currently in St. Louis, Missouri, has been held over until December 31. This gives local print companies a chance to assist those who need printing services to support organized group visits to the exhibit. The exhibition, on loan from Italy’s Da Vinci Museum, features inventions created that are based on the inventors designs. The designs themselves are more than 500 years old.

Famous as an artist, Leonardo Da Vinci was also renowned as a scientist and inventor. Some of the inventions he designed have modern counterparts, including the bicycle, the hang glider, the spring powered car and, the fore runner of a helicopter, the air screw. The exhibit’s 60 models are grouped thematically, covering mechanical principles, hydraulics, nautical machines, war machines and flying machines. Each exhibit includes a panel showcasing the original Da Vinci design.

One exhibit that will be on show for the first time in North America is the mechanical lion which DaVinci gifted to the King of France. Visitors to the event, whether members of the public or brochure and stationery printers, will get the chance to find out how this device worked.

Feedback on the exhibit so far has been exceptional, including this from a teacher at Ross Elementary School:

“It is rare that I can take my students, who range in grade level from first through fifth, to a field trip and all are intrigued and interested throughout the visit. This was such an experience!”

The exhibition, created by Niccolai Teknoart, of Florence, is on show at 800 Market Street, St. Louis.