Advice for printing companies on gaining consumer attention

November 25, 2011 by  

Print companies in St Louis, Missouri and other parts of the US can help their clients again their customers’ attention by personalizing their messages. A survey by Xerox of more than 1000 American adults suggests that gaining insight into how consumers shop will help marketers to target their messages to their specific interests. According to the survey, 41% of those polled said they get personalized communications for holiday promotions. Some 45% of women, said the results, are more likely to take action based on these promotions if they include their name, interests and references to previous purchases.

According to the chief marketing officer of Xerox, Christa Carone:

“Studies show that consumers remember just four of the 3,000 messages we’re exposed to every day This survey validates that earning a spot at the top of a consumer’s mind, and ultimately driving a purchasing decision, takes insight, individual attention and can be influenced by the way the message is delivered.”

According to the research, there is no one message type that suits every consumer. Some 41% of adults over 55 and 50% of those in the 35 to 54 age bracket will respond to newspaper inserts. In contrast just 8% of adults over 55 are likely to respond to e-mail promotions while nearly a quarter of those under 35 will take action based on e-mail. The research also found that despite the prevalence of apps and QR codes, traditional marketing is still important as 57% of those polled did not own a smart phone. That means there’s still room for poster printing, postcard printing, flyer printing and other printing services.