A greener future for St Louis printers?

February 17, 2012 by  

St Louis print companies may one day take a leaf of the book of UK trade printer RCS. The company has installed a charging station for electric vehicles at its Nottinghamshire plant. The company will use the station for its electric vehicle fleet and it will also be available to members of the public. It’s not too far-fetched to think this could soon happen in St Louis as a downtown charging station opened in the city in late January, allowing members of the public to charge cars for a cost of just $4.

The UK station is a rapid charging station which means that vehicles will be able to recharge in as little as half an hour instead of the usual 8 hours. The charging station was part funded by a UK government program aimed at creating a network for charging electric vehicles across the country.

Electric charging stations are also being rolled out in various parts of the US, part of a drive to reduce spending on gas and build confidence among owners of electric vehicles that they won’t be stranded without a charge. TBD’s John Hendel points out:

“Americans will spend $480 billion on gas this year, more than ever. We need more options, and electric cars provide a promising one. These charging stations are part of that very infrastructure that drivers will need before they make the leap.”

As printing companies get ever greener, will an electric vehicle charging station be the new must-have accessory? Watch this space!