Tornado siren warns of severe weather

September 13, 2012 by  

St. Charles is taking a proactive stance on dealing with the severe weather that rips through the city during the tornado season. A new tornado siren was installed in a prominent city location and replaced an existing siren that had ceased to work. The tornado siren has already been in use due to the remnants of Hurricane Isaac blasting through in early September.

The new siren is innovative in design as it is entirely portable and can be transported from location to location on an as-needed basis. The City hopes to help keep residents safe in potentially dangerous weather conditions especially during tornado season. It has been placed on Boone’s Lick Road and will stay there until a greater need arises in a different location.

Fire department officials believe that the sirens will be most beneficial in potentially deadly situations where large crowds have gathered. Not only can the siren advise of severe weather, it can also warn of potential emergencies such as a lost child.

Instructions for what to do when the alarm is sounded are critical to the safe evacuation of a crowded area. Flyer printing that contains a step-by-step guide would benefit a great deal of people, as would poster printing and banner printing. Knowing in advance what to do in case of an emergency is one of the best safety measures possible.

Dan Casey of the Fire Department says that the siren could be placed at Frontier Park during a festival to alert the crowd of potentially dangerous weather or situations.