St. Charles City Council candidates finalized

January 27, 2013 by  

As filing closed on January 15 for five seats within St. Charles City Council, eleven candidates and their campaigns began the telephone canvassing and poster printing phase of the upcoming April 2 election.

Two of the candidates, current Councilmen Dave Beckering and Ron Stivison, will run unopposed in Wards 7 and 9 respectively.

The Ward 6 seat is currently held by Councilman Jerry Reese, a nine-year Council veteran, who hopes to see through the completion of the new fire station and public works building. Reese says:

“I like working with the people in St. Charles. I would really like to try to do it again.”

Reese’s opponent, first-time candidate Richard Wenger, is a retiree from civil service. Wenger’s first priorities would be budgeting and finance, and he states:

“I would be a little more fiscally responsible than I think the city has been in the past years.”

Rod Hermann, appointed to the vacant Ward 8 seat on January 1, will try to retain his seat against former Council president Rose Kasper, Steve Schad and Justin Collier.

Schad, former insurance company project manager and current owner of Molly O’s Tropical Sno and Chili Shack, wants to focus on the area north of Highway 370.

The Ward 10 race will be a matchup between current councilwoman Bridget Ohmes, just completing her first term and feeling she still has plenty to offer, and two opposing candidates: Bryce Steinhoff and Kenneth Wright. Steinhoff, an active Republican and Ron Paul supporter, is known for his recent efforts to keep area law enforcement in the hands of the locally elected sheriff.