NARS To Relocate to St. Charles

April 17, 2012 by  

Relocating to St. Charles, Missouri from Chesterfield, Missouri is the National Asset Recovery Services (NARS). NARS began in 1993 with providing financial services to several financial institutions across the country and quickly expanded its services thereafter. NARS is a company that offers debt collections services primarily, but NARS also provides business process outsourcing services, which extend to electronic data services and customer care services.

The move means an increase in 420 new employees within the St. Charles area and a total of 550 job positions for the new Customer Contact Center opening there. The 420 positions are available for hire. Residents may submit their resumes to the person responsible for receiving those or residents may attend the job fair that is detailed below. NARS has also utilized brochure printers to advertise its services and jobs available in brochures made available to the public.

NARS held a job fair on April 12th at the Ameristar Casino between 2 and 8 pm in the designated room. Representatives were on hand to offer information about employment within the service and also meet potential employees. This provided several potential job applicants with the opportunity to have instant interviews for job placement. However, for those who missed the opportunity, all is not lost. Even if applicants were not able to attend the job fair, NARS still encourages those persons to submit their qualifications either through NARS’ website or through email to the designated person responsible for handing resumes. For more information on job placement, please refer to NARS’ site.