Marketing and branding workshop this week

August 28, 2012 by  

Local business professionals are very fortunate in that they have had the option of attending at least a couple of informative events during the month of August, with both ‘Small Business Marketing 2012’ and ‘How to Move Prospects from Maybe to Yes’ hosted in St. Charles.

The first of these workshops actually took place over the weekend, on August 25, with ‘Small Business Marketing for 2012’ being held from 9:00 am to noon at the St. Charles EDC. Set at a cost of $30 per person, there was a lot of content packed into those three hours. With topics like the planning and development of an advertising plan, branding, identifying, and targeting a specific demographic, social media, and the Internet all being addressed here, attendees were able to acquire an astonishing amount of information.

Whether an individual’s re-evaluating the merits of that flyer printing campaign or is instead debating the ins and outs of using digital business cards during an online campaign, it is clear that attendees were able to pick up a lot of relevant content over the course of this one.

Those who were unable to attend ‘Small Business Marketing 2012’ will have another learning opportunity with ‘How to Move Prospects from Maybe to Yes’ taking place this week, on August 30, at the St. Charles Convention Center. This time around, Tom Ruwitch of MarketVolt will be talking about the ways in which companies can use branding to promote themselves. Also starting early at 7:30 am and wrapping up at 9:00 am, this is another meet-up to squeeze into the schedule if possible.