Election holds promise for print companies

December 25, 2011 by  

Printing Industries of America’s vice president Ron Davis says that the forthcoming elections may provide windfalls for commercial printers. That’s good news for stationery printers and brochure printers in St. Charles , Missouri and elsewhere. With a multi-billion dollar budget as the Republicans, Democrats and others try to sway voters in what promises to be a hotly contested battle, the demand for printing services is likely to be high. Historically, print buying increases during the elections, and Mr. Davis is expecting an increase of about 2% in spending on Banner Printing, catalog printing, Flyer Printing, poster printing, postcard printing and more. As well as increase in the printing of buttons and ballots, direct mail printing usually enjoys a huge spike during election years.

“The campaigns feel that direct mail is still a pretty effective way of reaching out to people so you’ll see it in everything from a presidential mailer all the way down to the school board elections,” says Russell Price president of Consolidated Graphics subsidiary Mt vernon Graphics. Some printers are already experiencing a rise in volumes and, as Mr. Price points out, messages are always changing. “We may print and mail a piece for a campaign every three or four days and each mailer is on a different topic: spending, health care or whatever the issue.”

He adds that campaigners will cover a range of political issues across a period of five weeks.

Despite the rise in social media campaigning, many agree that print still remains hugely important at this time of year.