Using Printing Services to Brand Your Small Business

November 9, 2011 by  

Branding your business is a great option to help small businesses expand, says a recent article in the Pontiac Daily Leader. Using printing services to give your product or your service a memorable and identifiable image is one simple way to make your business stand out, whether you’re based in St. Ann, Missouri or the Big Apple. The article includes tips aimed at small business owners from Karen Post who has written Brand Turnaround.

One of her key tips is to plan how you want your business to appear to customers and clients. One way to do this is to keep in mind your product’s story and how you want to tell it. She says that your business has a character – or persona – and your branding an convey that to others. In addition, it is wise to keep your message the same across the different media and materials you create. For example, make sure that your brochure printers can give the same attention to your digital business cards . Consistency is essential. She particularly highlights the importance of getting a professional design by dealing with experts in printing services. This way, it is simple to give the same message to prospects at different events.

Her final tip is to think about the different printed materials you will use to reach your customers and where those customers will access them. “Many small businesses reach customers through postcards, flyers, letterhead, banners, brochures and other marketing materials,” comments Ms Post. She is a particular advocate of business card printing as, she says, this is both the first and last impression of your company.