Special Needs Conference comes by in mid-September

August 28, 2012 by  

Between the recently held PrimeXpo and the upcoming Special Needs Conference & Expo, residents of St. Charles, Berkeley, and nearby places like St. Ann have had a lot for which to make plans recently.

Lovers of jewelry and gifts had an assortment of treasures to choose from fairly recently with the PrimeXpo Jewelry, Bead, and Gift Show on Saturday, August 25. Being hosted at the St. Charles Convention Center, this show was the seventh one of its kind. With a lineup that included beads, diamonds, and fashionable jewelry in general, buyers were able to find what they were looking for at a reasonable final cost to themselves. According to the ads, there was a scheduled start time of approximately 11:00 am and a wrap-up of around 6:00 pm. Those who were able to make a purchase had at least a couple of days to shop to their heart’s content.

As was probably the case during the PrimeXpo, print companies will be hard at work with the ‘Touch Technology Applications for Children with Special Needs Conference & Expo 2012’ being held a few weeks later on September 17. Over the course of this workshop, teachers and parents, among others, are going to be hearing from developers about how the latest technology can be used to make the lives of children with special needs easier.

Starting bright and early at 6:30 am and concluding at roughly 5:45 pm on both days, this is another event that has been tailored to suit its target audience.