SAPA Strives To Provide Spaying and Neutering Services For Free

April 17, 2012 by  

In St. Ann, Missouri, residents have the opportunity to vote to make spaying and neutering services free without restriction to residency requirements. The St. Animal Pet Adoptions (SAPA) is trying to get enough votes to make this service for free for those who could not otherwise afford this service. If there are enough votes, SAPA will receive a grant to carry out this service for free.

The choice to vote is a part of the Monsato Grows Contest, where other non-profit organizations are eligible for the grant as well. SAPA has the chance to win anywhere between $5 to $15 thousand, in increments of $5 thousand. Each resident may vote once a day for SAPA, or anyone of their choosing. Residents may not vote more than once per day.

SAPA’s goal is to become a no-kill shelter. The idea is that by spaying and neutering animals, it will greatly cut down on the amount of animals that end up on the street and ultimately end up in a shelter without someone willing or able to adopt them.
SAPA also strives to find the animals they have homes to go to. In addition to this, they have a website that posts details of lost pets in order to enable their owners to find them. In addition to the poster printing that pet owners commonly use to locate their missing dogs and cats in their neighborhoods, it is hoped that more people will be reunited with their four-legged friends.

SAPA hopes to rid of the need of euthanizing dogs and cats in the greater St. Louis area. For more information, please refer to SAPA’s website or contact them by phone to learn more. Residents may continue to vote up until April 22nd.