Good client advice for print companies

December 1, 2011 by  

A recent article on the Leaflet Printing website provides some advice that St. Ann, Missouri printing companies can give their clients who need to save money on flyer printing costs. Since in today’s economy some clients may struggle with paying for printing services, the article suggests saving money by sharing the cost with another company. It suggests finding a company that is targeting the same market but offering a complementary service and printing a joint brochure. That’s a win-win for both brochure printers and their clients.

“Although you’re all trying to reach the same audience you do not offer competing products. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pool your resources and either cut the cost of your campaign or print double the amount of leaflets and reach a wider audience,” says the article.

A partnership between complementary businesses can enable both companies to reach a larger potential client base while still spending less on their printing needs.

The site also provides good tips for clients looking to find images for their printing projects. These include taking high resolution photos or finding suitable royalty-free photos online, as well as sound advice on scanning and resizing photos and using images from the web. It warns:

“Most mobile phone cameras are not of sufficient quality for generating print quality images for your project.”

The photos, says the article, will help leaflets to stand out and will make them more interesting visually. It suggests that clients who are unsure about sourcing photos approach the art departments of their Print Company for assistance.