ESKO to Showcase print workflow improvements

February 3, 2012 by  

St Ann printing companies will be keeping an eye on developments from Esko at the next Fespa Digital, to be held in Barcelona from February 21-24. The company plans to show off its solutions for workflow streamlining, dubbed ‘design to print to cut’. Those involved in banner printing will be particularly interested in its use for signs and displays. The display will feature workflow automation too the i-cut Automate which allows users to use automation to streamline prepress operations and reduce the likelihood of operator error. This also reduces materials wastage. The i-cut Automate is part of a suite that streamlines workflow for making signs and displays. It includes pre-flight, layout and digital finishing tools and allows printers to work with several types of materials.

Esko’s Armand Gougay commented: “Printers increasingly understand the need for an integrated and automated workflow. To handle the larger number of shorter runs and wider job mix now typical of the market, they require solutions that remove time-consuming labor from the work process and cost-efficiently enhance throughput capacity.” He added that these solutions make the production process more efficient.

Dieless digital finishing is one of the key tools on display by Esko. The company says the ability to do this makes printers more responsive. Signs and displays are an important and growing sector of the printing industry, creating new opportunities for print makers. Esko intends to showcase its commitment to providing solutions to combine productivity and efficiency gains with low cost, making it easy for printers to take advantage of this sector.