Classic car museum gets St. Ann wheels in motion

May 7, 2013 by  

The Coachmen Car Club of St. Louis and the St. Charles County Parks Department have worked together to bring Missouri citizens the first ever Classic Car Show as an exhibit at the St. Charles Heritage Museum.

Car enthusiasts from all over Missouri, or even across the United States, are welcome to attend the exhibit and broaden their knowledge of muscle cars, hot rods, and all things automotive. Just a 10-minute drive from St. Ann, Missouri, the St. Charles County Heritage Museum Auto Show will be a popular weekend attraction. Brochure printers are likely to provide the exhibit’s attendees with useful information to enhance their visit.

The main attraction is the stunning display of vintage vehicles provided by more than 65 active members of the Coachmen Car Club. In addition, the museum is hosting an indoor transportation-themed educational exhibit, ‘On the Move…A History of Transportation in St. Charles County’, which is suitable for audiences of any age.

Among the showcased items within the exhibit will be touchscreen maps, a simulated experience navigating up the Missouri River, and a building area where artists of all ages can create model bridges. Multiple other items have interactive components to stimulate the mind.

This Saturday, May 11, marks the opening of the St. Charles County Heritage Museum Auto Show. Hours are from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, and admission is free, which means the crowd of interested spectators is sure to grow quickly. Families are welcome to send little ones into the museum while parents browse the classic cars.