St. Louis-area residents can examine Native American myths

February 26, 2014 by  

Olivette residents and others who live in the St. Louis area have a chance to learn more about Native Americans and their mythology, through the medium of their textiles.

A new exhibit offers a glimpse into this complex and beautiful world. “Mother Earth, Father Sky: Textiles from the Navajo World” opened January 21, at the Saint Louis Art Museum, which is located in Forest Park.

The cosmology of Native American tribes is extremely varied. Almost every tribe has its own creation mythology, as well as its particular system of beliefs, and the variety and richness of these traditions is showcased in this display.

The Navajo nation in particular uses weaving as a basis for their beliefs. The textiles woven by members of this tribe help to describe the societal relationships among them. In addition, they refer specifically to the world in which they live, both in its physical and spiritual aspects. The land and their place in it is vitally important to the Navajo, who see the land, and everything in it, as part of a whole.

Museum officials could work with a banner printing company to create colorful items for display outside the museum, inviting people to step inside. The exhibit runs until June 22, and is comprised of 14 textile works, both contemporary and historic. The museum is open every day except Monday.