One of Olivette’s favorite restaurants to bring in second location

December 24, 2013 by  

Mike Johnson’s Sugarfire Smokehouse, an Olivette favorite located on Olive Boulevard, will open a second location in St. Charles very soon.

The popular barbecue restaurant is located in an area with a large number of restaurants featuring the popular cuisine. St. Charles is only 17 miles from Olivette, so residents here who want to check out the new site can easily do so.

Johnson says he plans to ‘go crazy’ with the design of his new place – something he has not been able to do with the current establishment. The original location is in a strip mall, which limited his design options. The new location is a former Chuck-A-Burger, a ‘curbside drive up’ restaurant that has what Johnson calls a “’50’s kind of a vibe”. Johnson’s plans will make the new store much “funkier” than the current one, he claims.

Johnson says he is going to use huge smokers, which will have to be outside. The interior has a lot of windows that, again, limit the designs he can use, but he is looking forward to making the patio completely crazy. The menu will remain the same, because Johnson and his chefs work with local suppliers and use whatever is fresh on a particular day. They create hand-crafted meals designed to give residents an alternative to fast food.

Johnson and his team could work with flyer printing experts to create a hand-out advertising the new location. They could distribute it close to the opening of the second location.