Olivette branches out with leaf collection

October 23, 2013 by  

Olivette, Missouri, has announced its leaf collection schedule, which begins in early November. According to a post on the city’s website this month, Olivette will make two “passes” to pick up the leaves from each of three sections of the community.

Section 1 comprises all the streets off Warson Road and north of Olive. The first pass through that section will be on November 5, and the second on December 2.

Section 2 comprises all streets north of Old Bonhomme, including those on the north side of the road, as well as all the streets south of Olive, although those off Warson will be part of the Section 1 sweeps. Here, the first pass is slated for November 6 and the second for December 3.

Finally, Section 3 is designated as all the streets that lie South of Old Bonhomme, including those on the south side of the street. Passes are scheduled for November 7 and December 5.

Residents are asked to have their leaf piles out by 8:00 am on the day the pass is scheduled, and to keep them as near the curb as they can.

Although the city hopes to complete each section in one day, it warns it could take up to a full week to do so, depending on the volume of leaves and the weather conditions.

Olivette officials could work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer for residents, listing pass dates and the way they have sectioned the city.