Olivette asks for residents’ input

January 21, 2014 by  

According to an item on the Olivette’s City Council ‘s website, city facilities will be open to the public this month, with an eye to encouraging people to see how they operate so they can make suggestions.

The Council created the Olivette Future Task Force (OFTF) to look into a number of different plans to improve services provided by police, fire and city hall to residents. After considering various alternatives, OFTF was decided upon to use citizens’ input to develop a final, recommended plan.

An open house is scheduled for January 25, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. During these hours, Olivette’s facilities will be open for tours. These include the Police and Fire Departments, which are located in the Municipal Building at 9473 Olive Boulevard; the Public Works Building at 1200 North Price Road and the Community Center at 9723 Grandview Drive. City officials and the OFTF strongly encourage all residents to attend and discuss any ideas they have for improving city services.

A second workshop is slated for February 18, in the Community Center, 9723 Grandview, beginning at 6:30 pm. At this meeting, residents will have an opportunity to study the various preliminary plans. The goal of the city is to finalize the plan so that it can be placed on the ballot in the elections in the fall of 2014.

Olivette officials could work with a flyer printing company to create a lightweight mailer to send to the city’s residents, announcing the open house and encouraging them to attend.