Biking event set to help local babies

June 8, 2013 by  

The ‘Metro-East Bike for Babies’ is a fundraising initiative and the 11th annual event of this nature. An annual March of Dimes Metro-East Motorcycle event, it includes a fantastic ride down the Great River to support healthier and stronger babies in this area.

The ride takes a scenic route, probably guided through banner printing, from Alton through Edwardsville and then along the Great River to Grafton. Donations will gladly be accepted and supporters who do not ride can use a ghost rider to assist them with raising funds. Ghost riders cost $15 each, and prizes are available based on amounts raised.

Funds raised from this event will support the March of Dimes Healthy baby event and will support children born considerably earlier than their expected date, or with medical conditions or problems at birth.

The early birth rate has dropped 13.3% in this area thanks in part to this program, which makes it possible for people to receive proper care and support during pregnancy, while also offering educational programs for parents and children. This year, about $5m will be invested in this area towards research and various programs.

The Metro-East Bikers for Babies ride will be happening on Saturday, July 27 at 12:00 pm, beginning at Ted’s Motorcycle World located at 4103 N. Humbert Road in Alton, Illinois, just down the road from Maryland Heights, Missouri. To check the schedule, or to register for the ride, please visit the Bikers for Babies website or call Karissa Tocquigny at the Greater Missouri Chapter at 314-513-9968.