Spring Limb Chipping Service for 2012

April 12, 2012 by  

In Manchester, Missouri, the semi-annual Spring Limb Chipping Service is still in effect for the year 2012. The city is offering a tree-limb chipping service to single-family homes. The schedule for the tree chipping service will be carried out according to the wards that the single-family homes are located in.

For the Spring schedule, Ward One and Ward Two have experienced the tree limb chipping service as of April 2nd and April 9th respectively. Taking place on April 16th is a chance for those residents in Ward Three to utilize this invaluable service. The tree limb chipping service provides an excellent resource for resident solidarity in Manchester.

To qualify for the tree limb chipping service, all brush must be on the curb the Sunday before the intended pickup date of service, but no earlier than five days prior to the service date. In addition, each tree limb must be between 4 to 12 feet in length, with a preference toward longer lengths, and no larger than 6 inches in diameter.

To expedite the service, the city requests that residents place their piles with the ends facing the street. However, for those residents that have a sidewalk, the city requests that those residents placed their piles behind the sidewalks. For more information, please refer to the flyer printing or email that was distributed.

The output of mulch from the tree limb chippings will be stockpiled together and each resident may pick up the mulch to use in their yards, but they are prohibited from commercially selling the mulch.