Guide to finding and using images for printing services clients

November 19, 2011 by  

The site has published a guide to finding images for printing projects. Clients of print companies in Manchester, Missouri and elsewhere can benefit from these tips when thinking about catalog printing, banner printing, flyer printing and more. The site points out the importance of using color photographs or other images to support marketing and promotional messages.

Tips on producing the images yourself include enhancing the resolution on your digital camera before taking a shot to make sure this is as high as possible. The article points out that photos taken with a cell phone do not usually meet printing services’ minimum standards. For those scanning images, setting the resolution in advance is also an advantage.

“Please note that you cannot increase the resolution of an image once it has been created so you only have one chance to set the correct resolution of your camera!” comments the writer.

In addition to the tips on taking your own images, the article also provided advice on sourcing images. The writer cautions against lifting images off the web due to copyright restrictions and poor quality. With images compressed to make them easy to download, most printing services will find them unacceptable. Instead, the writer suggests obtaining images from a stock photography company such as iStockPhoto. These are inexpensive and of the right quality for print companies.

Finally, the article points out that clients can benefit from the in-house art and design services provided by printing companies to find the right images at the right quality.