St. Paul library tests new digital service

May 5, 2012 by  

The public library in St. Paul has been chosen as a testing site for an eBook lending system from 3M.

Card holders at the St. Paul Library were invited to an open house to check out the new service which offers digital content and the ability to borrow an e-reader.

Reading material is available from the 3M Cloud Library. Thousands of titles are available to members via their own e-reader device or a loaner from the library.

Chris Coleman, mayor of the City of St. Paul, expressed his approval of the new system and applauded the library for agreeing to be a beta site for the lending service. Coleman said:

“St. Paul is proud to be one of the first library sites to provide this service.”

Approximately 3,100 books can be accessed through the 3M Cloud Library to complement the 6,550 titles accessible via Overdrive, a digital library system already in place. The St. Paul Public Library will add to the 3M library in the same manner as they purchase printed books, by seeking out new releases and popular titles, which will be added to the collection. Titles can be searched via computers in the library, however, catalog printing to keep hard copies of all titles would be a wise idea, serving as a backup to the electronic catalog.

The Cloud Library is compatible with most personal devices including Androids and iPads. The Amazon Kindle is not compatible at this time. E-Readers are currently available for check out at three St. Paul Library Branches; Central Library, Arlington Hills and Sun Ray Library.