Eco-bikes wheel into downtown St. Paul

June 10, 2012 by  

The move to two wheel transportation in St. Paul has taken a positive spin.

Nice Ride Minnesota, the movement to bicycles as a green method of transport in the state, has announced that 146 stations are now open in the Twin Cities, with 1,328 bikes at the disposal of Nice Ride patrons. The bikes are even painted green in honour of the environmentally friendly nature of the program.

To celebrate the expansion in St. Paul, Mayor Chris Coleman along with officials from the corporate community rode bikes from Landmark Plaza, by the river, to Harriet Island. Banner printing to mark occasions such as this, with an official start and finish to a procession, can be done at professional print shops. Mayor Chris Coleman said:

“Nice Ride is truly an asset to the vitality of this region, and I’m thrilled about all the new stations in Saint Paul.

“These bikes aren’t just a great way to connect Saint Paul and Minneapolis; they are a great way to get to work.”

There are 26 new stations in St. Paul bringing the total in this city to 48, each installed, built and maintained by Nice Ride Minnesota, a non-profit organization funded by local businesses, government, sponsors and by sales of memberships or subscriptions. Bikes are locked up at each station. Subscribers can access a bike or casual users can buy a short term subscription and pay by credit card at the station.

A map of all stations and subscription details are available on the website at