Fun with the kids coming up in St. Cloud

March 9, 2013 by  

The Kinder Olympix are taking place in St. Cloud this month, offering a fun event for children aged six and under.

A presentation of St. Cloud Parks and Recreation, it will be a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their children and help encourage them to have a more physically active lifestyle. There will be plenty of activities, including inflatables, arts and crafts, an obstacle course, healthy snacks, a football throw, basketball, a soccer kick, and a room in which children can practice their reading skills.

It will not only be good for the children to get active and to meet other kids, but it will also allow their parents to network with other parents of little ones.

The existing flyer for the event was likely produced by St. Cloud printing companies. Flyers are the most effective form of advertising, since they are inexpensive to produce, get the point across succinctly, and can be distributed in many different ways. Flyers can be sent as direct mail, handed out on street corners, hand delivered door-to-door, or can be distributed to various community centers and programs in which young children and their families are frequently found.

Kinder Olympix will take place at the Whitney Recreation Center on March 16 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Tickets are $2 per child or $3 for a family. For more information, parents can call 320-257-5959.