Cops awarded for saving lives

November 5, 2012 by  

On October 29, several police officers in St. Cloud were awarded citations for saving lives.

Three officers were honored in a civic ceremony, which also served as a celebration and promotion of three other officers, as well as featuring the blessing of three chaplains assigned to various police departments in St. Cloud.

Civic ceremonies such as this are often cause for banner printing by local print companies. Banners of the American flag, the city crest, or the names of the officers honored at this ceremony are examples of what could be printed on a banner hung over the stage or platform where the awards are proclaimed.

The incidents, in which the three men, including Sgt. Jim Steve, Officer Justin Day, and Sgt. Jeff Janssen, went beyond the call of duty, all occurred within the last seven months. Several citizens were stopped from causing harm to themselves in the nick of time. Police officers protect the public from causing harm to others, but frequently they are called to assist citizens who are threatening to do harm to themselves. No-one was injured in the incidents.

The ceremony was presided over by St. Cloud’s Chief of Police Blair Anderson, who gave a speech filled with praise for the work of the three officers. The promotions of Anne Whitson and Jay Salzer, members of the force who work as investigators, and Jeff Oxton, who was promoted to lieutenant, were also part of the program.

The trio of chaplains sworn to civic duty in the St. Cloud Police Department consisted of Chris Cortte, Dan Matt, and Victor Dorn.