Boomers and Zoomers just like to have fun

April 5, 2012 by  

The face of 50-plus groups is changing as the word “seniors” conjures up stereotypes of those past their prime. Boomers and Zoomers is the name of a new social club, for those aged 55 and older, in St. Cloud and the surrounding area, whose members just want to hang out and remember the good old days.

Sandy Grosand, of nearby Sauk Rapids, is the community education director for Sauk Rapid-Rice schools and a member of Boomers and Zoomers. The purpose of the group is to create social opportunities for this age group and events where people can get together and reminisce with their peers. It’s a growing demographic of people who are healthy, active, keenly interested about learning and about life, but reject the stereotype of a “senior citizen”. Many are still employed, albeit part-time, and don’t consider themselves to be seniors even if they do carry an AARP card.

The Boomers and Zoomers theme is “Remember When” and the no-charge social events take place the first Tuesday of each month until May. The description of the program, in the program guide published by community education, says the gatherings are “to recollect the moments of life that are often overlooked”. Participants have stated that they are fascinated to learn what people of a similar generation have been through or what they’ve done with their life, as well as meeting people and making new friends.

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The cost is $5 per meeting, which is held from the Sauk Rapid-Rice Middle School.