Rochester transfers to new bus company

April 8, 2012 by  

After 46 years of service, Rochester City Lines will be replaced by a new company, First Transit.

The new bus line, scheduled to begin service in July, bid $2 million under the next lowest bid and was selected from other companies in competition for the contract. Bus operations will relocate to a service centre just north of Rochester Public Utilities on East River Road Northeast. The switch will require print services to supply new printed schedules, transfers, bus passes and tickets, bus route maps, business cards and much more.

The decision to choose a new transit contract by tender took several months of consideration by city council, and was ordered by the Federal Transit Administration.

Rochester City Lines has served Rochester since 1966 and was also involved in the open competition. The firm, a family company still operating charter bus services, has not stated that it will continue to offer other transit services to private industry. Dan Holter, general manager of Rochester City Lines, stated that the company will monitor how many competent drivers remain with the company once First Transit begins service in Rochester. The Ohio company also operates school buses and shuttle bus service.

The matter was open to public debate and received support from those present. Some expressed approval that the city is saving tax payers money by making the transit service competitive.

The vote to choose First Transit was 6-0 by city council, with exclusion of council president Dennis Hanson, who was absent.