CARM makes a splash in celebration of Southeast Asian

August 21, 2012 by  

August 18 and 19 saw the celebration of a Southeast Asian tradition in the shape of a water festival. The Cambodian Association of Rochester Minnesota organized a weekend of entertainment influenced by Cambodian tradition for families to enjoy. The festival was held at Silver Lake Park and was just one event organized by CARM to preserve the cultures of Khmer people.

According to CARM member Judie Keys, the Water Festival takes place annually in Cambodia, usually in the fall. The Water Festival is an ancient tradition in Cambodia and, thanks to a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, the Water Festival in August was the start of a new tradition in Minnesota. Just a few of the events which took place included demonstrations of Tae Kwon Do by Park Institute, Voice of Culture African Drums and Dance Company, and rides on a dragon boat around Silver Lake. Keys added that the festival had been free to all people who wished to enjoy the celebration of the festival. Promotion of the event may have utilized the services of local flyer printing services, informing people of what was on offer and events taking place.

The Cambodian Association of Rochester Minnesota aims to raise awareness of the Khmer culture, preserving and sharing their history. The organization welcomes Khmer people who have just arrived in Rochester, while providing information to those who want to learn more about the Khmer culture. Translation services are also offered by CARM. The Water Festival was just the start of more events to come.