Steger Speaks in Princeton, Minn.

December 23, 2011 by  

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Arctic explorer William Steger spoke to Princeton citizens about the disheartening climate changes he’s seen on his many travels, but he emphasized that it’s not too late to change things and has a lot of hope for the Earth’s future.

“In the Polar Regions, the ice is starting to melt,” Steger said, “and we’re seeing the ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctica disappearing.” Steger also pointed out that the problem is not national, but global. “We’re starting to see weather changes not only in the United States, but all around the rest of the world right now,” he said.

While Steger is hopeful, it’s really the same old record: “There are solutions to the climate change, and the solutions are economical.” He went on to talk about green solutions, both in homes and in businesses. According to Steger, the solution to climate change begins with awareness, so poster printing and other printing services from print companies could play a key role in the solution to global warming.

Steger emphasized that the number one polluter, coal, is also the foremost cause of respiratory illness. On this point, he was joined by J. Drake Hamilton, the science policy director for Fresh Energy. Hamilton believes that modernizing coal-powered plants will not only benefit people’s overall health, but help to alleviate the world’s employment crisis as well.

Steger added that he will cease his exploring, temporarily, to help educate people about climate change. His next journey, which he says won’t be for a couple years, will be a 2,000-mile trip through the Canadian Arctic by dogsled.

Despite Steger’s efforts, it really comes down to the tiring, ongoing battle between two long-time enemies: justice and greed.