Princeton city projects are awarded grants

August 20, 2012 by  

Two city projects in Princeton, Minnesota have been awarded grants to help fund the work which will preserve and renovate the downtown area of the city. The ‘It Starts Here’ program has been awarded $5000, while $6630 has been awarded by the Minnesota Historical Society to fund a survey which will be carried out on historic properties.

The grants were accepted by the Princeton City Council at its meeting on July 26. The grant for ‘It Starts Here’ has been funded by the Initiative Foundation, which is based in Little Falls. The money will be used for promotion, training, and advertising of the project, which is a collaboration between the Economic Development Authority of Princeton, the city of Princeton ,and the Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce. The project aims to regenerate Princeton’s downtown area, bringing in new businesses to fill the vacant premises. According to the community development director of Princeton, Carie Fuhrman, there are 16 spaces which are vacant in a nine-block area. To help with the filling of vacant premises, the project organizers may call on the local brochure printers to generate interest.

The $6630 ‘Historical and Cultural Heritage’ grant will be used to fund a “reconnaissance survey” of downtown Princeton, which consists of around 50 commercial properties. Using the funding, a professional consultant will be hired in order to complete the survey. A letter from the deputy director of programs for the MHS, Pat Gaarder, stated that the society was happy to support the work being done to preserve the heritage of the state.