Princeton board makes the grade on new name

March 22, 2012 by  

The board of Princeton Regional Schools has passed a motion to retire the name of the district in favor of a more contemporary moniker. Princeton Public Schools, or PPS for short.

Speaking on behalf of the Board of Education, Superintendent Judy Wilson said other names were brought forward via public consultation. During the debate, she humorously suggested to members that they not go overboard with their name ideas.

“Our limitations are many in this regard,” she said.

She further assured members that changing the name need not be an expensive venture. The inventory of current supplies, such as stationery, will be used before placing orders with local companies for new stationery printing and other printing services. Other items are printed in-house, said Wilson.

“Even lettering on (school) buses will not be changed until the buses are replaced,” she noted.

During February’s board meeting, Wilson said the final decision should be made before the next fiscal, which starts April 1.

Public consultation regarding the name change was done on Facebook. It was decided not to drag out the name change process to a November vote. The motion to change the name to Princeton Public Schools was passed by a slim margin: 5 to 4.

Parents may not see much impact in the name change. The school URL will change by just one letter but parents will want to make a note of it when checking the website.