Princeton airport to have smoother touchdowns

July 18, 2012 by  

An asphalt and cement company from Sauk Rapids has been chosen to undertake paving improvements at Princeton’s airport.

Knife River Corp of Sauk Rapids was the lowest bidder on the paving project, coming in at under half a million dollars. The city chose them out of the four companies that bid on the improvement project to resurface the apron, several taxiways, and connectors to seal the surface of the runway and to paint runway markings. The bid was lower that the City of Princeton engineer’s initial estimate of $517,160.

Airport terminals, whether large or small, generally display tourism posters, which leads to additional revenue for local print companies and meaning money goes back into the city.

Knife River, with headquarters in North Dakota, is one of the most progressive aggregate ready-mix concrete and liquid asphalt companies in 13 states in the Western, Southern, and Central U.S. It has recently acquired almost 70 associated companies, making them one of the most competitive and fastest-growing concrete construction companies in America.

There is one caveat to the airport proceeding. The city of Princeton has applied for a grant from the federal government for 90% of the cost of the project, with the other 10% to come from municipal coffers. The job will only be granted to Knife River should the grant be approved by the feds.

It is also hoped that the state government will provide money for the project as well. If all funding comes in as hoped, City Administrator Mark Karnowski estimates Princeton’s share to be just under $50,000.