Plane crashes near Princeton Airport, pilot walks away

November 27, 2011 by  

In Baldwin Township, just south of the airport in Princeton, Minn., A small plane crashed after losing power shortly after take-off, according to the Star Tribune. Miraculously, the pilot of the Cessna 152, thirty-three-year-old Barry Ramage of Princeton, was entirely uninjured in the crash. The plane, however, did not share in his good fortune.

A former commercial pilot and co-worker of Ramage, Debbie Covlin, who spoke with Ramage after the crash, recognized the dangers of Ramage’s improvised landing zone:

“There were a lot of trees in the area,

“It was a small area to put it down in with what training he had.”

She was right, too, since Ramage was only a rookie pilot; in fact, the flight was only Ramage’s second time flying alone.

The Cessna took off just before 11:00 a.m. and made it only 400 feet before it lost power. Upon landing, the Cessna tumbled end over end and was heavily damaged. The crash was witnessed by Ramage’s flight instructor, who, ironically, was the owner of the plane. Local print companies are considering flyer printing and banner printing to commemorate Ramage’s good luck.

Authorities have not yet determined the cause for the power loss, and Ramage was unavailable for comment. Despite his recent brush with death, Ramage is already thinking about taking to the skies again, according to Covlin. Covlin also stated that Ramage regretted turning the plane upside down, but that, in her opinion, it was the best he could have done.