Minneapolis’ Ford Center becomes LEED Gold certified

January 1, 2013 by  

The Ford Center, in Minneapolis’ North Loop area, was recently awarded the status of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold.

The center is one of just a few historical buildings in the United States to be awarded LEED certification.

Bill Katter, who is the executive vice president of United Properties – the company that owns the building – said in a statement that obtaining LEED Gold status was always one of United Properties’ aims while renovating the Ford Center.

Built back in 1912, the Ford Center was one of the first of the popular car manufacturer’s auto plants in the state of Minnesota. It comprised a showroom and a vertical assembly plant – a manufacturing system which later became outdated in favor of operations such as the plant that opened in St. Paul, about an hour’s drive from Elk River and Princeton.

More than $38m was spent revamping the historical structure, which sits opposite Target Field on 5th St.

The new certification cites a number of key improvements to the site, including highly efficient mechanical systems using an advanced under-floor system for air delivery, large windows providing high levels of natural lighting, and the use of sustainable materials. Improvements to property for let are often highlighted through the services of professional brochure printers.

The certification was originally put together by the U.S. Green Building Control Council. It is intended for structures that are designed, built, and maintained for the purposes of improved human health and environmental performance.

So far, around 99% of the building – which comprises more than 265,000 square feet – has been leased.