Living Well series of workshops planned for Princeton

September 30, 2017 by  

A chronic health condition does not have to mean a person can’t still be active and enjoy a good quality of life, and a program that will be offered in Princeton will help them learn how.

The series of workshops, which have been planned for those who are living with diabetes, arthritis, depression or other chronic health concerns, will cover a variety of topics that center around living a healthy and active lifestyle while still managing their disease.

The once-a-week sessions will help those who participate learn how to plan reasonable goals for themselves, as well as when, where and how to seek support, and how to make daily tasks as easy as possible. They will also be given tips about relaxation and exercise, and also how they can form a collaborative partnership with their healthcare providers.

The program that will be followed was originally developed at Stanford University. It is open to anyone living with a long-term health issue, as well as their caregivers or other support person. Brochures and other materials that can provide helpful information for the attendees can be produced by an area printer.

Princeton Middle School has been selected as the venue for the six week long series of sessions, and they will begin on October 11. There will be no fee charged to participate, and anyone who feels they could benefit from participating is welcome.