Silver anniversary of Roseville bakery celebrated this month

June 25, 2013 by  

The Roseville Bakery, a small independent bake shop located just outside New Brighton, is celebrating its 60th year of being in business. No doubt the Bakery is using flyer printing and poster printing to make its customers and others in the community know of this accomplishment.

According to the owner of the shop for the past eight years, Amy Ament, June is the busiest month of the year as cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods are in demand for graduation parties and particularly weddings. The 15 employees of the Bakery are almost working around the clock to fill all the customer requests which usually are highest during the weekends.

In addition to serving its own customers, during the summer months, the Bakery will also be supplying between 200 and 300 buns per week to five Farmers’ Markets in the area. These vendors will be using the baked dough for hot dog and hamburger buns and sandwiches.

The most popular items from the bakery include a marble wedding of both white and chocolate cake, gourmet cupcakes and hamantashen, a Yiddish specialty that is a three-sided pocket pastry with many different, the most traditional of which is poppy seed. Ament said that the Bakery started with only two fillings and have increased their selection to eight.

Ament has said that owning a bakery is a most rewarding experience. She gets to meet and know many wonderful people and she enjoys baking the variety of items that the shop sells.