Pole plant planned for Sidney

October 14, 2012 by  

A New Brighton company announced at the end of September that it will build a massive plant and logistics location in Nebraska.

Bell Lumber & Pole Co will spend approximately $25 million to construct the new high-volume production plant and facility in Sidney, located in what is known as the Nebraska Panhandle. Bell produces wood poles from freshly logged timber and ships internationally by truck or freight train. Once the facility is constructed, it should be photographed and profiled online and in promotional print material, perhaps produced by print companies in its home base of New Brighton.

Bell Lumber & Pole will invest $20m into the new facility. The remaining money will come from incentive funds granted by the state of Minnesota called ‘Progress Loan Funding’. A further two million in financing from other grants and special tax financing has been acquired.

While an official start date has not been announced, it is expected that construction will start soon. The build will employ hundreds of trades in Nebraska and, by the time construction is completed, a further 30 plus workers will join the Bell Lumber & Pole payroll by summer 2013.

The company has been supplying utility poles to North American markets for 102 years and has been in the Bell family since 1909. It uses a wide range of woods from pine, cedar, and fir trees and, in recent years, has spent time and energy to support sustainable forests to ensure the future of the environment and its own industry.